Farewell to Leap Ahead Fitness

Farewell to Leap Ahead Fitness

Hi Friends,

It has been over a year since I decided to stop running Leap Ahead Fitness full stop to pursue my higher calling as an actor. I had always made excuses about why I couldn’t pursue acting full time, and as I went deeper into exploring fitness coaching, to help my clients and the world at large overcome what was stopping them in their quest towards better health and fitness, I realized that I was not in alignment with what I was teaching.

I had gradually fallen into the worst shape of my life, become injured and discouraged, and what began as a quest to share my knowledge about fitness and health to earn enough money so I could study more and succeed as an actor, quickly became an exercise in dreams deferred. I realized that the hours I spent working hard on Leap Ahead Fitness were hours also spent mired by my own blocks to success and that my own failures in self-care were a direct reflection of that misalignment.

Buoyed by support from my husband, I tentatively stepped away from the fitness industry, not knowing what would happen on the other side of this journey. Would I find myself drawn back to working in fitness? Or conversely was I stepping away on a permanent basis?

I gave myself 6 months before I had to make a decision of any kind. If I got an idea related to Leap Ahead Fitness, I would simply write it down and get back to building my acting career. In the beginning it was pretty hard … I’m hard wired with an entrepreneurial brain and the blog ideas just kept coming. And then eventually they stopped.

I started taking fitness classes with other people, to keep me inspired to take care of myself without having to be “in control”, and gradually I began to sub a few Pilates classes here and there. Which confirmed a few things … yes, I’m a good instructor and I will never completely forget how to teach a class, but it actually isn’t what lights me up inside. It is performing that is my greatest gift to give to the world and as hard as it may be to commit 100% to that, it is what I need to do.

I’ve struggled with how to make this transition gracefully. Should I take down this website altogether? Should I leave my blog posts behind for those who are still stumbling upon it? In the past few months when I decided to glance at my stats, I was amazed to discover that this website still gets as many as 1000 hits a month.

Ultimately I decided that if I can continue to impact and inspire people through words that I’ve already written and am still proud of, there is absolutely no reason to take them down.

As we move into 2015, I’m taking the bold move to deactivate all my Leap Ahead Fitness email addresses and all the pages on this website that aren’t strictly blog posts.

I’m hopeful that my blog will continue to help people in the months and maybe years to come.

Should you wish to contact me or follow what I’m writing now, please head on over to www.natalieneckyfarow.com. I’m now writing about my journey in owning my place in the world as an actor, writer, producer and narrator & would love to continue the conversation.

Wishing you the happiest and healthiest 2015 & beyond!


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