Ready For Fall Fitness? New Strategies for Success on the Creative Wellness Podcast

As you read this, I’m finishing my last adventure for the summer – a 8 day trip on the back of my hubby’s motorcycle to Virginia and North Carolina to visit family.

No pictures here (I wrote this before I left), though there are undoubtedly a few on my Facebook and Twitter feed and I’ll be sharing more when I get back.

As you begin to think about getting back into your fitness routine this fall, I have two resources to share that you won’t want to miss.
First of all, check out my recent interview with Melanie St. Ours on the Creative Wellness podcast. You can listen on her blog or download the episode via iTunes. We talked about developing a healthy mindset and approach to fitness whether you struggle to get started or you have a tendency to overdo it ūüėČ
And then, check out my article on the Top 5 Items I recommend you have for your home “gym”.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
See you after Labor Day!

Is your Inner Workaholic getting in the way of fitness glory?

WorkaholicEarlier this week, I got a text from one of my clients. She was writing to share a major revelation.


She said that she is really afraid of failure, she also mentioned that she had fallen back into old patterns of working long hours and only making time for basics when it comes to working out and her health.

As I read her words I thought, there is such inherent truth in this.

The two biggest fears we face as human beings are that of success and that of failure. Our brain is hard-wired to protect us from any perceived threat. And any emotion we have experienced in our life from failure Рdisappointment, sadness, disillusionment Рhas trained us to avoid failure at all costs.

Overworking, a natural outgrowth of protecting ourselves from failure, can be a way of avoiding taking positive steps towards our fitness goals.

But there is a little bit of a faulty brain pattern going on here.

The belief:¬†If you don’t start/commit to your fitness and exercise plan, you can’t fail.

The truth:¬†If you begin, even if you fail many times along the way, you will be no worse off than if you hadn’t tried at all. And if you don’t begin, you certainly won’t achieve the results you desire.

I know for a fact that my client is not alone. As a creative artist and entrepreneur, I find it is easy to fall into that same trap.

It is a great gift to be fully responsible for creating my own opportunities. With those immense possibilities, there is also an awareness that there is always more to do.

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve become newly inspired in both my fitness coaching practice and my acting career, I’ve found myself working harder and putting off daily care.

Oh where, oh where, is that meditation so dear …

The urgency to take that next step seems so important and before I know it, hours of work have passed.

And though I’ve been super productive, ¬†I start to noticed that I’m feeling both frazzled and hazy,¬†like my mind is zooming around at 100 miles per hour, and at the same time that there is a dullness in my eyes from staring at my computer, a tingling in my fingers from all the typing and an aching in my back from sitting so long.

Regardless of the joy that I feel for what I’m doing, the need for mental and physical breaks is very real.

And yet, even when I am aware and can feel my body is craving a break, sometimes I forge on.

I’m almost done … just a few more minutes.

Suddenly, I’ve missed the yoga class that I planned to take. (Since none of the other times work out, I decide I’ll just go to class tomorrow.)

So what’s a girl to do when it feels like she has to decide between checking one more item off her to-do list and taking her body to the next level?

Here are a few of my favorite ways for getting and staying on track when my inner workaholic takes over:

  1. Take care of yourself first. Exercise, meditate, shower, etc., first thing, before you ever open your laptop.
  2. Plan your workouts ahead of time and stick to them. I find that planning on a Sunday night for the entire week works the best.
  3. Have a Plan B. Always schedule flex time into your calendar. If your schedule changes and you had to miss a workout, pop it right into an empty slot.
  4. Be realistic about your work habits. Set a few priorities for the day and week and allow for flexibility if things take longer.
  5. Set parameters for your work schedule and stick to them.  Decide when you plan to start and end work even if it is different each day.
  6. Take regular breaks. Not Facebook breaks, but get up and move your butt away from your desk breaks. Take a walk to the bathroom or around the block or put on your favorite song and dance.

Your Turn
In the comments, I want to know: Do you struggle with taking care of your body when you are working hard? What are your favorite ways to break the overworking habit and re-prioritize self-care?